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RISKS-LIST: Risks-Forum Digest  Saturday 21 March 2020  Volume 31 :
Issue 62

Peter G. Neumann, founder and still moderator

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  Contents:  [Cleaning up part of the backlog; more to come]
Many to blame in fatal crash of a Tesla (Tom Krisher via PGN) 
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Boeing Culture Concealment 747 Max report (The Guardian) 
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Live Coronavirus Map Used to Spread Malware (Krebs)
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Crimea, Kashmir, Korea -- Google redraws disputed borders, depending on
  who's looking (WashPost) 
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Abridged info on RISKS (comp.risks)


Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2020 12:33:06 PDT
From: "Peter G. Neumann" <neumann at csl.sri.com>
Subject: Many to blame in fatal crash of a Tesla (Tom Krisher via PGN)

Tom Krisher, SFChronicle.com (which as usual ignores the existence of
  Science Fiction Chronicle), front page of the Chron's Business Report,
  Mar 2020, PGN-ed

As we have noted in many cases (including Deepwater Horizon RISKS-29.49,
the Boeing 737 Max, and many others), attempts to place blame are often
frustrated by reality:  blame may be widely distributed.

The cited article by Tom Krisher notes the National Transportation
Board (NTSB) report released on 19 Mar 2020 on the Tesla crash on 1
2019 in Delray Beach, Florida.  The Tesla was under Autopilot driving at
mph when the Autopilot neither braked or otherwise attempted to avoid a
tractor-trailer that crossed in its path.

The report noted that all of the following factors were relevant:

* The driver of the Tesla for not paying attention.  He had turned the
  Autopilot on just 12.3 seconds before impact.  Autosteer (which keeps
  car centered in its lane) turned on 2.4 seconds later.

* The driver (who was not injured) of the tractor-trailer, which sheared
  the roof of the Tesla

* Tesla, because it allowed the driver to avoid paying attention to the
  Autopilot, and to limit where it was safe to use the Autopilot,
  it in conditions for which it was not designed.  (However, Tesla told
  NTSB investigators that ``forward collision warning and automatic
  emergency braking systems on Model 3 in the Delray cash weren't
  to activate for crossing traffic or to prevent crashes at high
  Tesla also had noted that the driver wasn't warned about not having
  hands on the wheel ``because the approximate 6-second duration was too
  short to trigger a warning under the circumstances.''  However, Tesla
  claims that ``the Autopilot is a driver-assist system, and that
  must be ready to intervene at all times.''

* The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for its lax
  regulations, and failing to put limits on the use of automated driving
  systems to just those cases in which they were designed to work

A statement for the NTSB chairman Robert Sumwalt noted this was the
fatal vehicle crash we have investigated where a driver's overreliance
Tesla's Autopilot and the operational design of the Tesla's Autopilot
led to tragic consequences.''

Krisher notes that the Delray Beach crash was remarkably similar to one
Williston FL in 2016, which also killed the driver of a Tesla.


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Date: Sat, 7 Mar 2020 12:47:02 PST
From: "Peter G. Neumann" <neumann at csl.sri.com>
Subject: Boeing Culture Concealment 747 Max report (The Guardian)




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Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2020 16:24:01 -0400
From: Monty Solomon <monty at roscom.com>
Subject: Live Coronavirus Map Used to Spread Malware



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Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2020 14:53:02 -0400
From: Gabe Goldberg <gabe at gabegold.com>
Subject: Crimea, Kashmir, Korea -- Google redraws disputed borders,
  depending on who's looking (WashPost)

The Silicon Valley firm alters maps under political pressure and the
inscrutable whims of tech executives


The risk? War...


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Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2019 11:11:11 -0800
From: RISKS-request at csl.sri.com
Subject: Abridged info on RISKS (comp.risks)

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