[nexa] Government okays mass surveillance of Israelis' phones to curb coronavirus | The Times of Israel

Alberto Cammozzo ac+nexa at zeromx.net
Mon Mar 16 07:06:09 CET 2020


The government on Sunday approved a proposal to allow the Shin Bet
security service to perform mass surveillance on Israelis’ phones
without requiring a court order in an effort to curb the spread of the
COVID-19 coronavirus, prompting major concerns of privacy and civil
liberty violations.

The measure will require final approval from the Knesset’s subcommittee
on clandestine services before it can be put into action.

The Prime Minister’s Office said the Shin Bet will be limited in what
data it collects and who within the government will have access to it.
In addition, under the proposal, the agency will only be able to use the
information in the fight against the coronavirus, and the power is
scheduled to end 30 days after it is granted by the Knesset subcommittee.

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