[nexa] Appena pubblicato: "COVID-19 outbreak response: first assessment of mobility changes in Italy following lockdown"

Giovanni Biscuolo g at xelera.eu
Sun Mar 15 18:21:10 CET 2020

Giovanni Biscuolo <g at xelera.eu> writes:


> Please can you also release the raw data used to get the results?

mi hanno risposto in tempi rapidissimi, questo il sunto della roro
risposta e del mio commento

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> As for the raw data, this is GDPR compliant data that can only be
> shared under strict licensing and terms of usage agreements, so it
> cannot be open sourced.

AFAIU raw data was anonymized so I hoped it could be released as open
data to be reused for similar projects and for reproducibility and
replicability purposes; it's a pity.

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quindi รจ libero solo l'articolo, purtroppo


saluti, Giovanni

Giovanni Biscuolo

Xelera IT Infrastructures
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