[nexa] Ex direttore NYT: "Where Did Our ‘Inalienable Rights’ Go?"

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Il 24/06/2013 11:51, J.C. DE MARTIN ha scritto:
> L'ex direttore del New York Times, Max Frankel,
> ricorda ai più giovani, un po' smemorati,
> i disastri prodotti dalla segretezza governativa,
> da  Edgar J. Hoover al Vietnam e a Watergate.
> juan carlos
> *Where Did Our ‘Inalienable Rights’ Go?*
>             By MAX FRANKEL
> /Max Frankel was The New York Times’s editorial page editor from 1977 
> to 1986 and executive editor from 1986 to 1994./
> NOW that we sense the magnitude of our government’s effort to track 
> Americans’ telephone and Internet transactions, the issue finally and 
> fully before us is not how we balance personal privacy with police 
> efficiency.
> We have long since surrendered a record of our curiosities and 
> fantasies to Google. We have broadcast our tastes and addictions for 
> the convenience of one-button Amazon shopping. We have published our 
> health and financial histories in exchange for better and faster 
> hospital and bank services. We have bellowed our angers and 
> frustrations for all to overhear while we walk the streets or ride a 
> bus. Privacy is a currency that we all now routinely spend to purchase 
> convenience.
> But Google and Amazon do not indict, prosecute and jail the people 
> they track and bug. The issue raised by the National Security Agency’s 
> data vacuuming is how to protect our civil liberty against the anxious 
> pursuit of civic security. Our rights must not be so casually bartered 
> as our Facebook chatter. Remember “inalienable”?
> [...]
> Continua qui: 
> http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/23/opinion/sunday/where-did-our-inalienable-rights-go.html
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