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  Two Enduring Lessons from Elinor Ostrom

    Brett M. Frischmann

Yeshiva University - Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

March 10, 2013

/Journal of Institutional Economics, 2013, Forthcoming/
/Cardozo Legal Studies Research Paper No. 387 

*Abstract: *
This article is a tribute to Elinor Ostrom. It explores two enduring 
lessons she taught: a substantive lesson that involves embracing 
complexity and context, and a methodological lesson that involves 
embracing a framework-driven approach to systematic, evolutionary 
learning through various interdisciplinary methodologies, theories, and 
empirical approaches.

First, I discuss Ostrom's work on environmental commons. I illustrate 
the two lessons through a discussion of the tragedy of the commons. 
Next, I explain how the two lessons play a significant role in recent 
efforts to extend Ostrom's work on environmental commons to 
knowledge/cultural commons. I draw a parallel between the tragedy of the 
commons allegory and the free rider allegory, and show how many of the 
problems Ostrom explored in the environmental context are manifest in 
the cultural environmental context. I discuss an ongoing research 
project that follows the path that Ostrom blazed and systematically 
studies commons in the cultural environment.

*Number of Pages in PDF File:* 21

*Keywords:* Ostrom, commons, externalities, institutional economics, 
institutions, IAD

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