[nexa] Ex direttore NYT: "Where Did Our ‘Inalienable Rights’ Go?"

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L'ex direttore del New York Times, Max Frankel,
ricorda ai più giovani, un po' smemorati,
i disastri prodotti dalla segretezza governativa,
da  Edgar J. Hoover al Vietnam e a Watergate.

juan carlos

*Where Did Our ‘Inalienable Rights’ Go?*

            By MAX FRANKEL

/Max Frankel was The New York Times’s editorial page editor from 1977 to 
1986 and executive editor from 1986 to 1994./

NOW that we sense the magnitude of our government’s effort to track 
Americans’ telephone and Internet transactions, the issue finally and 
fully before us is not how we balance personal privacy with police 

We have long since surrendered a record of our curiosities and fantasies 
to Google. We have broadcast our tastes and addictions for the 
convenience of one-button Amazon shopping. We have published our health 
and financial histories in exchange for better and faster hospital and 
bank services. We have bellowed our angers and frustrations for all to 
overhear while we walk the streets or ride a bus. Privacy is a currency 
that we all now routinely spend to purchase convenience.

But Google and Amazon do not indict, prosecute and jail the people they 
track and bug. The issue raised by the National Security Agency’s data 
vacuuming is how to protect our civil liberty against the anxious 
pursuit of civic security. Our rights must not be so casually bartered 
as our Facebook chatter. Remember “inalienable”?


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