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  Why Governments Use Broadcast TV and Dissidents Use Twitter

/How regimes take control of official media channels and push activists 
onto the Internet. /
Philip N. Howard <http://www.theatlantic.com/philip-n-howard/>
Jun 14 2013, 2:07 PM ET

Last March I was walking past Gezi Park with a Turkish friend at dusk. 
He had just joined me from prayers and I asked him what he thought about 
the brewing debate over the park's future. Like most Turkish voters, he 
is a fan of the country's prime minister, Erdogan. Like most of the 
country's voters, my friend easily integrates his faith with his daily 
routines. But he said simply "Istanbul doesn't need another Mosque." He 
started pointing off in different directions. "There's one there, there 
and there. And there and there and there. Istanbul needs a park."

There's a common misconception that Turkey's current crisis is about a 
resurgence in political Islam 
Some commentators fear that Turkey's leadership trying assert to 
Islamize a country that has been proudly secular for a long time. Some 
argue that the #occupygezi crisis is about Islam and the survival of the 
republic. But the crisis isn't about an elected leader trying to inject 
religion into public policy by building a mosque over the park where 
people go for political rallies and romantic strolls.


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