[nexa] CNN (Schneier): "Has U.S. started an Internet war?"

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  Has U.S. started an Internet war?

By *Bruce Schneier*, Special to CNN
June 18, 2013 -- Updated 1446 GMT (2246 HKT)

/*ditor's note:* Bruce Schneier <http://www.schneier.com/> is a security 
technologist and author of "Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust 
Society Needs to Survive." <http://www.schneier.com/book-lo.html> /

*(CNN)* -- Today, the United States is conducting offensive cyberwar 
actions around the world.

More than passively eavesdropping, we're penetrating and damaging 
foreign networks for both espionage and to ready them for attack. We're 
creating custom-designed Internet weapons, pre-targeted and ready to be 
"fired" against some piece of another country's electronic 
infrastructure on a moment's notice.

This is much worse than what we're accusing China of doing to us. We're 
pursuing policies that are both expensive and destabilizing and aren't 
making the Internet any safer. We're reacting from fear, and causing 
other countries to counter-react from fear. We're ignoring resilience in 
favor of offense.

Welcome to the cyberwar <https://www.schneier.com/essay-421.html> arms 
race <https://www.schneier.com/essay-411.html>, an arms race that will 
define the Internet in the 21st century.

Presidential Policy Directive 20 
issued last October 
and released by Edward Snowden, outlines 
U.S. cyberwar policy. Most of it isn't very interesting, but there are 
two paragraphs about "Offensive Cyber Effect Operations," or OCEO, that 
are intriguing:


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