[nexa] The Remarkable Properties of Mythological Social Networks

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  The Remarkable Properties of Mythological Social Networks

The social network between characters in Homer's Odyssey is remarkably 
similar to real social networks today. That suggests the story is based, 
at least in part, on real events, say researchers.

Ten years ago, few people would have heard of a social network. Today, 
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn permeate our lives. They show us how we 
are linked to each other and how we are more broadly placed within society.

What fascinates scientists is that the general properties of social 
networks seem to be invariant regardless of where they crop up. For 
example, one of the remarkable properties of social networks is their 
small world character. This means it is possible to go from one part of 
a network to any other part in a small number of steps (this is where 
the phrase 6 degrees of separation comes from).


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