[nexa] Editoriale NYT: "Surveillance: A Threat to Democracy"

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Dovrebbe essere semplice buon senso, eppure c'è bisogno di ripeterlo
e ripeterlo, particolarmente in Italia....

juan carlos

June 11, 2013

  Surveillance: A Threat to Democracy


A new Washington Post-Pew Research Center poll 
found that a majority of Americans are untroubled by revelations about 
the National Security Agency's dragnet collection of the phone records 
of millions of citizens, without any individual suspicion and regardless 
of any connection to a counterterrorism investigation.

Perhaps the lack of a broader sense of alarm is not all that surprising 
when President Obama, Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Democratic 
chairwoman of the Intelligence Committee, and intelligence officials 
insist that such surveillance is crucial to the nation's antiterrorism 

But Americans should not be fooled by political leaders putting forward 
a false choice. The issue is not whether the government should 
vigorously pursue terrorists. The question is whether the security goals 
can be achieved by less-intrusive or sweeping means, without trampling 
on democratic freedoms and basic rights.


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