[nexa] Paper: "Mapping the global Twitter heartbeat: The geography of Twitter"

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*Mapping the global Twitter heartbeat: The geography of Twitter*
by Kalev H. Leetaru, Shaowen Wang, Guofeng Cao, Anand Padmanabhan, and 
Eric Shook.
/First Monday/, Volume 18, Number 5 - 6 May 2013

URL: http://firstmonday.org/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/4366/3654

In just under seven years, Twitter has grown to count nearly three 
percent of the entire global population among its active users who have 
sent more than 170 billion 140--character messages. Today the service 
plays such a significant role in American culture that the Library of 
Congress has assembled a permanent archive of the site back to its first 
tweet, updated daily. With its open API, Twitter has become one of the 
most popular data sources for social research, yet the majority of the 
literature has focused on it as a text or network graph source, with 
only limited efforts to date focusing exclusively on the geography of 
Twitter, assessing the various sources of geographic information on the 
service and their accuracy. More than three percent of all tweets are 
found to have native location information available, while a naive 
geocoder based on a simple major cities gazetteer and relying on the 
user--provided Location and Profile fields is able to geolocate more 
than a third of all tweets with high accuracy when measured against the 
GPS--based baseline. Geographic proximity is found to play a minimal 
role both in who users communicate with and what they communicate about, 
providing evidence that social media is shifting the communicative 


The native geography of Twitter: Georeferenced tweets 
The linguistic geography of Twitter 
>From text to maps: The textual geography of Twitter 
Accuracy and language 
The geography of communication on Twitter 
The geography of linking disccourse 
User profile links 
Twitter versus mainstream news media 
Twitter's geography of growth and impact 

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