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Cari tutti,
per chi fosse interessato, ho scritto qualche considerazione in merito oggi su Medialaws.euFrom ‘End-to-end’ to the ‘Rule of Law’: Should Network Neutrality be Enshrined into Legislation? http://www.medialaws.eu/from-%e2%80%98end-to-end%e2%80%99-to-the-%e2%80%98rule-of-law%e2%80%99-should-network-neutrality-be-enshrined-into-legislation/
E, per chi fosse a Bruxelles domani, la discussione continuerà da una prospettiva leggermente più ampia, quanto all'argomento, e leggermente più ristretta, quanto ai confini geografici (da CoE a EU). 
Guaranteeing Competition and the Open Internet in Europe
Buona serata

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Inoltro in lista per chi non ne fosse ancora a conoscenza.


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Last week the Council of Europe had a "multi-stakeholder dialogue on network neutrality and human rights". See:


It was a good meeting. Some of the flavour can be had from Chris Marsden's opening presentation.


A short outcomes paper of the major points of discussion is now being prepared which will, after participants comments, be communicated to the 47 member state representatives of the CoE Steering Committee on Media and Information Society (CDMSI) to consider and propose further action.



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