[rd] "Before Apple, Olivetti Made the Products Everyone Wanted"

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*Before Apple, Olivetti Made the Products Everyone Wanted**
By Kristin Hohenadel

June 7, 2016

The design aesthetic of the world’s most wanted laptops and smartphones 
is generally as slick as the products themselves. Even as the new Apple 
store design feels like an ostensible attempt to soften its interiors 
with ficus trees and warm, natural materials such as leather and wood, 
Apple’s overarching image has a decidedly corporate vibe. But back when 
typewriters ruled the day, iconic Italian manufacturer Olivetti created 
bold graphics, advertising, and showrooms that harnessed the selling 
power of great design but carried it off with a nostalgia-provoking dose 
of pure design flair and midcentury cool.


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